Whereas the idea of a "new sound" might seem like wishful thinking to the modern day music connoisseur, that concept is exactly what keeps Land of Atlantis fans coming back for more. LOA tastefully mixes intricate, progressive song writing with simple hooks and melodies, all the while infusing a healthy dose of improvisation and virtuosity. With their open-minded approach to creating music, each member adds their own distinct flavor to the recipe. Guitarist Dan Rucinski and bassist Josh Hanchar keep it solid with their swanky grooves, yet embellish enough to make things unpredictable. Drummer Nemanja Djorovic and guitarist Nikola Djorovic use an intuition that only twin brothers can share to seamlessly link up and propel the music to new heights, while saxophonist Kevin Davidson blends it all together with his tantalizing smooth tone and seductive melodies. LOA is known for having a very impressive live show that combines the band’s energetic rhythm and harmony with a hypnotic light show for a full night of sensory overload.

Their debut EP "Ready for Takeoff" was recorded at the renowned I.V. Labs in Chicago. LOA works with organizations such as Live Nation, Jam Productions, Jambase, and Relix Magazine. The band has also had the pleasure to headline at The House of Blues in Chicago, and perform multiple times at venues such as Park West, The Double Door, Canopy Club, Martyr's, and the Alpine Valley Music Theater’s VIP stage. Land of Atlantis is a legitimate new entrée on the world’s musical menu.


TIM SHELLBERG - Times Correspondent "Over the course of nearly two years, region-based rockers Land of Atlantis have made strides which would make many fellow up and coming bands envious.

In 2009 alone, they headlined at Chicago's House of Blues and played for the masses at Wisconsin's Alpine Valley Music Theater before and after Dave Matthews Band and Umphrey's McGee's sets. They have also warmed up audiences or shared bills at esteemed Windy City venues such as Park West and Double Door.

Yet Land of Atlantis guitarist Dan Rucinski doesn't wear his band's accomplishments on his sleeve.

"We're trying to make the most of every gig and every opportunity we have," he said. "We're just having fun. It's nothing that anybody takes too seriously, but we do it seriously while we're doing it."

Adding another impressive gig to their resume today at Chicago's Double Door, Rucinski, bassist Josh Hanchar, guitarist Nikola Djorovic and drummer Nemenja Djorovic first came together at Wilbur Wright Middle School in Munster, playing in battle of the bands competitions and in cover bands. Hammond's Kevin Davidson rounds out the lineup on saxophone.

In December 2007, they left the cover band world behind and christened themselves Land of Atlantis in honor of their new endeavor. Six months later, the band recorded their "Ready for Takeoff," a five song EP.

Inspired by everyone from Stevie Wonder to Phish to progressive metaleers Dream Theater to jazz guitar greats Pat Martino and Mike Stern, Rucinski compared the band's songwriting process to that of a long-loved video game.

"It's a lot like Tetris," he said. "You come with a building block and then you've got to make it fit with all the other building blocks in order to successfully make a song that everyone (in the band) is passionate about."

With a solid fan base on the home front and creating a name for themselves in Chicago, Rucinski says the band hopes to make their name known throughout the Midwest in the near future. They also have songs ready to record as their follow-up to "Takeoff," which they hope to record in early 2010.

"We've had a lot of time to grow and to complement each other's styles," Rucinski said. "With our upcoming album, that's what we're going to do."

Opening for Land of Atlantis at Cubby Bear is Windy City-based jam band favorites 56 Hope Road and Peoria-based Brainchild.

Land of Atlantis, 56 Hope Road, Brainchild 9 p.m. today

WHERE: Cubby Bear, 1059 W. Addison St., Chicago

COST: $10 (21 and older)

FYI: (312) 327-1662; CUBBYBEAR.COM"


PAT CAILLES - "I walked into the impressive House of Blues not knowing what to expect. I had heard whispers about up-and-comers Land of Atlantis, but had yet to actually hear them. So before the show even started I formed a loose opinion that they would rely heavily on funk and mix in a healthy dose of horns, while showing off their specific talents.

Midway through their first tune, it was apparent what all the fuss over this band was about. Their mix of Jazz Fusion commanded the stage, and delivered something seldom heard on the jam scene today: simplicity. Where similar bands tend to lose the sense of music and audience by turning theory on its back, Land of Atlantis seemed flawless when converting complex jazz progressions into something refreshing and simple."



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Dan Rucinski - Land of Atlantis
Josh Hanchar - Land of Atlantis
Nemenja Djorovic - Land of Atlantis
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